Hi, I'm Amber, I was born in the South of England but I have lived on the beautiful Island of Tenerife since I was 13! I have been taking photos professionally since 2012 and I feel so blessed to do this as my job! I'm very easy going and open minded so please don't be shy to get in contact with any questions you have. 

I work mostly with natural light and I shoot a lot of Weddings but I also have a small studio in my home where I 'm lucky enough to do my Newborn, Maternity, Boudoir and anything else that may take your fancy...

Photography is the story I fail to put into words...

My 1st professional shoot was a wedding none the less and from that moment I was hooked! I now do all types of photography and love the variation that my career provides, never a dull moment!

What memories do you never want to forget???


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